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Organic Fertilizer Program


STEP 1: Spring

A granular application to gradually wake up dormant turf and provide superior crabgrass control for lawns with a history of late season crabgrass (The only non-organic step if crabgrass is to be prevented).

STEP 2: Early Summer

This application starts to introduce the basics of a natural approach to revitalize the soil back to it’s original composition with granular applications.  Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae, Brewer’s Yeast, Rhizotionia, Composted Tea, Yucca, along with a balance of other multiple soil amendments, promote root development and   

revitalize  a  natural ecosystem, improving overall turf health & vigor.  


STEP 3: Mid- Summer

This application continues to build carbon to nitrogen ratios essential for nutrient efficacy. Microbe populations are the basis for all nutrient availability in any soil composition, whether it be sand, loam, or clay. Microbes feed on organic composition.


STEP 4: Late Summer

At this point, the soil should have a substantial microbial population which will finish the season with the healthiest root system available & provide exemplary results for a well balanced approach.

STEP 5: Fall

A granular application of our longest residual fertilizer, utilizing state of the art slow release stabilized nitrogen. This extends a sustained feed when turf stores nutrients for a natural spring green up without any spring surge growth that compromises root mass.

STEP 6: Fall

Pellitized limestone (to maintain soil pH). This application improves the quality of the soil. Plants and grass can reap all the benefits of a healthy soil environment. At a neutral pH, exisiting soil nutrients are unlocked and readily available for plant uptake.

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